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The Evolution of Net Zero: SBTi's Controversial Shift on Scope 3 Emissions

The Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), renowned for setting ambitious climate benchmarks, has stirred significant discourse in the corporate and environmental sectors with its recent proposal to include carbon credits for offsetting Scope 3 emissions. This move, aimed at accelerating the decarbonisation of value chains, has not only brought new opportunities but also ignited fierce internal and external backlash. Here, we explore the implications of this decision and the varied reactions it has provoked.


Topics: Sustainability, Net zero, SBTi

The Net Zero Commitment Problem: A call for meaningful action

In this latest blog we explain why we think that to make meaningful impact towards net zero, we must collectively go beyond making net zero commitments, and create financially viable net zero plans.


Topics: Sustainability, Net zero, Data collection

Top 7 principles of net-zero sustainability

With laws now in place to bring the UK to net-zero by 2050, organisations are beginning to comprehend the climate emergency at hand and are wanting to act. It is a common misconception that making changes is too costly or difficult for businesses; this guide explores the top 7 things to think about when setting green targets for your business, and how NeuerEnergy can assist your sustainability journey. 


Topics: Sustainability, Net zero

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