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Complexity. Made clear.

The long-term journey to net-zero and achieving SBTs involves the complex analysis of ever-changing data and near-constant decision-making - especially around cost and risk management. The NeuerEnergy platform guides you to the optimal net-zero pathways based on your emission reductions, budgets, and positive social impact.


Streamline the end-to-end process.

Simplify finance and procurement contracts with integrated funding and projects approvals up to three times faster.

Save costs on Net-zero products (typical 23% cost saving on renewable energy supply).

Take control of risks from impending regulations and fines for non-compliance​.

Save on expensive external resources.

Achieve your goals faster with specialist workflows and project management tools.


Sustainability. Democratised.

NeuerEnergy works with leading technology research service provider to ensure we remain at the forefront of innovative solutions. Our API-based modules-based platform unifies intelligence and data usually kept in departments, functional silos to streamline and simplify the end-to-end net-zero journey. It’s a low-cost subscription model that democratises net-zero for small and medium entities.

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Your journey to net-zero. Accelerated.

NeuerEnergy offers a seamless end-to-end platform that can be precisely tailored to your own unique journey.

Net zero platform features

Analysis: Unify your data

  • Effortlessly unify your complete scope1, scope2, and scope3 emissions and energy data and carbon reporting onto a single dashboard.
  • View your scientific carbon footprint in complete, drill-down detail.
  • Create multiple scenarios to identify the optimal pathway, including energy independence and resilience.
  • Specify the methodology and identify the solution pathways and the relevant technologies to achieve your net-zero goals in line with your budget.


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Planning: Outline your journey

  • Ensure mandatory compliance and declaration based on scientific approach and global standards. 
  • Create your net-zero programme and manage multiple parallel progressing projects with near-real time management, including suppliers and/or partners. 
  • Complete your SBTi Target Submission Form.


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Procurement: Start the journey

  • Align your net-zero and SBT goals and budgets with the right solutions pathways.
  • Optimise your renewable energy portfolio.
  • Combine multiple pathways incorporating on-site energy generation, energy storage, EV infrastructure, voluntary and involuntary emissions procurement and nature or technology based emissions removal.
  • Set financial targets, generate standardised bankability and financial analysis for all procurement decision making with streamlined access to funding through our platform.


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Management: Stay on track

  • Virtually manage the performance of emissions mitigation and removal programmes and individual projects.
  • Remain compliant for Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 GHG emissions targets and declarations including TCFD, SBTi, IFRS etc.
  • Receive alerts and relevant solutions should any future event occur potentially jeopardising your progress.
  • Automatically manage all credentials and certificates that demonstrate transparency and show you deliver on your promises.
  • Gain operational insights based on future scenarios (e.g. the impact of growth) to support forward planning.


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Solving the challenge of Scope 3 emissions


Measuring and monitoring Scope 3 emissions represents the most significant challenge on the road to net-zero. According to Gartner, “the NeuerEnergy platform offers a unique hybrid approach towards Scope 3 data management that brings together volumetrics and spend with primary and secondary data on a clear visual display.”

On a mission for global positive social impact

NeuerEnergy democratises the journey to net-zero for small and medium businesses thanks to a module-based, subscription-driven, API-first platform.

Streamline your journey

Gain a single view of the energy ecosystem. Identify the most suitable net-zero pathways for your business objectives.

Fast-track manual tasks

Save weeks of tedious marketplace analysis by automating manual processes and research. 

Gain complete control

Effortlessly track, manage and report projects and prove you are making a positive social impact to key stakeholders. 

Manage risk effectively

Advanced AI risk analysis combines outside datasets, weather forecasting, and the latest industry insights to send alerts and offer solutions in the face of potential obstacles.


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Pandemics strike. Wars break out. Change happens.

“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending."

James Sherman


The NeuerEnergy platform guides you through the complexities of solution pathways today. And it delivers real-time risk management and inherent agility to ensure you stay on track over the long-term.

Go net-zero. Start today.


Mitigating and eliminating emissions is the key to making a positive social impact and reinforcing your sustainability credentials. See how straightforward we make the journey to net-zero with a hands-on demo of the NeuerEnergy platform.



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