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NeuerEnergy offers end-to-end journey that can be rapidly adapted to suit your needs


No matter whether you have one site or multiple sites across the globe, aggregate your data and know your scientific carbon footprint. Set your net-zero goal to analyse highly granular transparency of exact problems and how it may impact your business if no action is taken.


Fast track your process of renewable energy purchase with our intelligent and digital contract authoring tool with workflow management. Our unique AI driven risk management feature will enable you to procure with confidence.


Eliminate any greenwashing and stay fully transparent. Our risk forecasting model will notify you well ahead of events. So, you can omit any unexpected losses and stay TCFD compliant for Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 GHG emissions.


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Make a real difference – quickly, cheaply, effectively

NeuerEnergy is the safest, most cost-effective way for commercial and industrial customers to purchase renewable energy.

Accelerate Net-zero

NeuerEnergy streamlines your corporate commitments to sustainability – saving you weeks of tedious marketplace analysis by standardising the energy acquisition process across multiple generators.

Help advance new energy developments

Support new renewable energy initiatives and fund a thriving marketplace for abundant, sustainable energy without any extra contract work. NeuerEnergy does it for you.

Experience true transparency and control

Seamlessly port across your existing agreements with NeuerEnergy, offering full visibility of choice with side-by-side energy mix comparisons, AI-enhanced risk analysis, and cost-effective supplier grouping.


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Sync your business with the world of sustainable energy

From multinational entities to nimble startups, NeuerEnergy can put you in touch with the local renewables market and tailor the ideal package of eco-friendly energy. Get in touch with us to discuss how NeuerEnergy can offer an ideal outcome for your business.

Unleash the full potential of your renewable energy


Build the future of sustainability

Spread your energy mix across a mix of large and small suppliers, strengthening your potential emission impact, stimulating new renewable energy projects and benefiting from competitive long-term energy agreements.


Risk Management@2x-1

Enhanced Risk Management

Make your energy transition safer, mitigating the risks associated with renewable energy using our advanced AI risk analysis – combining outside datasets, weather forecasting, the latest industry insights and seamless connectivity for your risk underwriter partners.


Transparency and Forecasting

Remove any obscurity around how your energy investment is performing with full visibility of your generators telemetrics, revealing the production of the plant over time and total CO2 reductions both now and into the future.

Explore how it works

Achieving carbon neutrality via renewable energy doesn't have to be complicated.


Get in touch to discuss your renewable energy goals and have a hands-on demo of the NeuerEnergy platform.



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