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    Best Climate Change AI Solutions Company 2023

    With offices in London and the Netherlands, NeuerEnergy is a software development company that offers a plug-and-play SaaS platform, designed to streamline the journey to net-zero by helping organisations analyse and plan their efforts to reduce their CO₂ emissions. The company has also launched a platform that aims to drive the sustainability of cities by evaluating their existing and new development projects. Here, we dive into both innovative solutions and the company’s internal operations.

    How companies can harness AI technologies for data-driven green reporting

    Using AI technologies to ensure green programs and investments are measurable and performance-driven from the outset.

    Are Your Suppliers Green or Are They Greenwashing?

    AI technology is essential for gaining transparent, real-time intelligence into the outcomes of suppliers’ green decisions, verifying their compliance with a business’s own initiatives and making informed actions that maintain positive impact.

    Harnessing AI intelligence to maximise energy procurement

    Muhammad Malik, CEO and Founder NeuerEnergy, outlines how procurement leaders can use AI intelligence to improve business in the renewables market.

    Maximising renewable energy investments with artificial intelligence

    Urgency to reduce carbonemissions is accelerating,with the UK governmentrecently committing to a68% reduction by 2030,on the path to achieving net zero by2050. Currently, the public sectoraccounts for 3% of the UK’s carbonemissions and has an estimated annualcarbon footprint of over 13 MtCO2e.As such, public sector bodies areincreasingly being tasked with leadingthe shift to a low carbon economy.

    Companies should utilise AI technologies for data-driven reporting

    As part of journey to net-zero emissions, business leaders should consider the role AI technologies can play to ensure that green initiatives are measurable and performance-driven from the outset.

    S2 Episode 13: Creating a road map to net-zero emissions, with Muhammad Malik of NeuerEnergy

    We’re continuing with the Sustainability theme this week – specifically helping companies and organisations to reduce their carbon footprint by simplifying and streamlining their net zero journey.

    Positive Signs Support Solar Sector

    Artificial intelligence - AI and predictive technologies will minimize the risks associated with solar power production.

    Interview with Muhammad Malik, CEO and Founder of NeuerEnergy

    This month, we sat down with Muhammad Malik, CEO and Founder of NeuerEnergy, to discuss their contribution to corporate decarbonisation, sustainability, and the importance of digitisation.

    Interview with Muhammad Malik, CEO and Founder at Ecological AI Company: NeuerEnergy

    The AI platform simplifies the scientific analysis of emissions, resource utilisation, and enables businesses and governments to plan, procure, and manage for their net-zero goals.

    Microsoft to work with 13 start-ups using AI to help UK’s health, manufacturing and resource sectors

    Thirteen companies who are helping the UK’s healthcare, manufacturing and resource sectors recover from the impact of COVID-19 have been chosen to join Microsoft’s AI for Social Impact 2021 programme.

    Opinion: How investors can get the measure of green projects

    Effective qualitative and quantitative measurements will offer investors a transparent view of their investments’ outcomes and encourage continued funding for green projects, says Muhammad Malik, CEO and Founder, NeuerEnergy.

    The budget: What the chancellor said

    To realise UK Net zero, we need complete transparency and accountability from both investors and investees to ensure effectiveness.

    UN75: Sustainable Engineering in Action, book launch and webinar

    Watch the UN75 book launch webinar. Muhammad Malik, CEO and Founder at NeuerEnergy has given a presentation to understand carbon footprint costs and options. NeuerEnergy presentation starts at 1:11:13 on timeline.
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    Operating and maintaining renewable energy plants: the future of the work environment

    Renewable energy generators and service providers have had to automate and digitalise their processes at speeds never seen before due to the impact of the global pandemic.
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