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    NeuerEnergy solutions for energy purchase


    Plug-in and fast-track your COreduction timeline

    Get ready to accomplish every green energy goal within your business and simplify all your energy purchasing workflows with NeuerEnergy. Automating the roadmap for reducing your carbon footprint and acquiring new renewable energy with our fully aggregated marketplace is a simple process of two-way data integration.

    NeuerEnergy evaluates your global presence and current energy mix, any emission offset schemes offered to customers, in spite of any technology suite you use. Take advantage of our AI-enhanced PPA management that applies prescriptive machine-learning to develop a nuanced understanding of your workflows.


    Link up your business energy data with NeuerEnergy


    The NeuerEnergy API can pull in all your energy business intelligence data, accessing silos of data within any technology ecosystem, including any existing PPAs, REGOs and/or iRECs.

    You choose your desired CO₂ Energy Reduction Target and Duration

    Target to be green-2

    Defining the precise goals for your Corporate Social Responsibility (ESG) plan is as effortless as moving a slider and instantly discovering local providers that can meet your energy demands and lower your carbon footprint within your set timeframe.

    NeuerEnergy AI assembles a side-by-side renewable energy marketplace


    Our groundbreaking algorithm interprets your business data and CO reduction goals against outside datasets including:

    • Real-time Local Generator Data
    • Weather, Satellite, and Risk Analysis Insights
    • Business Trends and Market Insights
    • Renewable Energy Certificate Data

    This nonconforming data is then compiled and harmonised within an aggregated side-by-side view, giving you a full picture of your green energy options, price structures and any highlighted risk-factors that will need to be underwritten.

    We assemble the optimal energy package for your needs


    Saving you months of manual research and RFPs, the NeuerEnergy algorithm then produces a perfect provision of green energy from low-risk high-volume suppliers while standardising partial fulfillment agreements with independent initiatives and new developments , furthering the positive impact of your green energy investment across the growing renewable grid.

    All the PPA heavy lifting is done for you


    Unlike traditional PPA purchases which discourage fulfilling your renewable energy investment with multiple suppliers, NeuerEnergy helps you benefit from competitive long-term energy agreements with a diverse energy portfolio by grouping your PPAs and automating the complex legal workflow – saving your business a magnitude of time, money and personnel.

    Step into your individualised renewable energy cockpit


    Track and manage your cost and emission reduction in an entirely customised dashboard – sitting either within the NeuerEnergy platform or fed back into your own BI software. Creating user profiles, assigned views and data access-levels, your business can fully monitor the current and forecasted impact of your:

    • Carbon Footprint
    • CO Saved Vs. Targeted Reduction
    • Total Cost Savings
    • Total Contracted Renewable Energy
    • Total Energy Production
    • All Uptime and Downtime of Generators

    Our library of widgets and smart metrics continues to evolve, meaning each user’s dashboard can be truly engineered to suit any specialism or spectrum of your operation.

    System interconnections


    Global expertise with local energy solutions

    Speak to our team about how NeuerEnergy can connect your business with a global grid of renewable energy, automated to fulfil your unique operation and initiatives. Whether you’re an auto manufacturer with a driver offset scheme that spans every pocket of the globe with roads, or you’re an agile team with a day-one commitment to net-zero - NeuerEnergy has the scalability and integrations to help you achieve a frictionless energy transition.


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