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    How does NeuerEnergy work for energy providers?


    The energy industry landscape is changing, presenting new challenges and opportunities for renewable energy generators

    As renewable energy gains ground against carbon-based energy sources, government subsidies drop and inevitably, margins are reduced. While renewable energy producers focus on keeping their plants up and running, NeuerEnergy enables transparency, reduced risk and increased uptime through intelligent integrations.

    Our Industry 4.0 technology stack helps to reduce the impact that maintenance issues introduce. Through intelligent AI and Machine Learning, we increase plant uptime through predicting disruptive events, improve asset performance and significantly reduce O&M costs.

    Reduce your risks

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    Market prices fluctuate significantly, leading to increased costs for generator energy production coupled with declining governmental subsidies. With operation and maintenance adding additional expense, this leads to reduced margins for energy generators and increased costs of service.

    By working with the NeuerEnergy platform, Generators can expect to see significant reductions in a multitude of risks associated with renewable energy production. 

    Avoid policy and compliance challenges


    Global and regional regulatory policies are constantly changing

    Compliance failure is an expensive headache, NeuerEnergy handles these processes by ensuring the following:

    • Demonstrating, documenting and reporting compliance
    • Retrieving, compiling and integrating compliance data from multiple sources, across portfolios, geographies, and sites

    Mitigate operational risk


    Some of the highest risks associated with long-term agreements are outdated operating models. Generators are expected to deliver value across revised value chains; producing, storing and distributing energy from a mixed portfolio of green and carbon-based energy. 

    As such, operations underpinned by siloed and often irrelevant technological capabilities can be a determining factor in delaying or bottlenecking key projects, leading to inflated O&M costs, directly impacting the bottom line.

    NeuerEnergy mitigates this risk by utilising intelligent and seamless machine learning to improve production, storage and distribution of renewable energy whether it's to the grid, direct to a purchaser or via an on-site installation.

    A better way to sell

    Generator Reverse Auction@2x

    NeuerEnergy enables comprehensive yet simple reverse auction selling. You'll be able to engage purchasers with bidding rounds that allow you to aggregate and offload your energy at a price and terms that suit you, whilst ensuring that the purchaser gets the best price and terms for themselves.

    Pre-qualification ensures that all buyers have advanced warning of a sale cycle and are able to plan their bids ahead of time. Each auction lasts for a set time period and bidders are able to remain anonymous whilst the process takes place.

    Allow SMEs to play at the same scale as Corporates

    Generator Aggregation@2x

    NeuerEnergy allows purchasers to aggregate together to purchase your available energy capacity, we ensure that you get a guaranteed sale that's good for your bottom line whilst enabling smaller businesses to group together to buy.

    Unlike traditional renewable energy sales, this ensures that SMEs get access to good clean energy, on a term that works for them and you get the sale you need.

    The NeuerEnergy way


    NeuerEnergy integrates a multitude of technologies to achieve seamless results in hosting reverse auctions, managing risk, aggregating SMEs into single PPAs and mitigating production loss.

    • Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and sensors technologies
    • Big data 
    • Analytics 
    • Artificial Intelligence 
    • Automation
    • Autonomous systems
    • Portable devices & visualisations 

    Understand your challenges through a comprehensive analytical framework

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    NeuerEnergy considers your business goals, required changes and priorities to provide a detailed set of solutions which enable intuitive and comprehensive measurement of key business metrics.

    Integrate intelligent asset management

    Generator Asset Scorecard@2x

    Renewable energy producers’ greatest capital cost is the procurement of production assets. Furthermore, once operational, those assets require constant optimisation, necessary to realise their off-the-shelf life expectancy, while maximizing uptime and energy production.

    NeuerEnergy assesses the current state of your asset management practices and capabilities, through the application of our Energy Asset Management Scorecard. It provides you with maturity scores across four key domains and a report of prioritised focus areas for maturity uplift.

    Make smart decisions through predictive maintenance

    Generator Prediction@2x

    Traditional maintenance of renewable energy assets is based on preventive maintenance and condition-based approaches. These are primarily triggered by warnings, alerts and failures and often lead to asset (or component) degradation and/or failure and operational downtime. These can often lead to further failure of neighbouring or interconnected components and longer causal analysis.

    NeuerEnergy seamlessly integrates our AI Predictive Maintenance solution with your Asset Management (EAM) system, monitoring and interrogating real-time SCADA data feeds from your assets and components, and makes informed predictions of potential component failure, showing impact both in operational and monetary terms.

    Give the power back to the control room


    The energy incident management widget is capable of integrating into existing SCADA architecture for easier implementation. Saving both time and money.

    These complex machine learning algorithms ingest and process sensor data to improve classification of events and alarms indefinitely; ensuring that a solution that works today, continues to work tomorrow.

    Important business outcomes are achieved through:

    • Machine learning trained models
    • Real-time data integration and processing
    • Alarm Classification and evaluation
    • Real-time KPI dashboard visualisations
    • Cloud or on-premise deployment

    These ensure that your control room team have the confidence to focus on the important tasks, reducing employee fatigue, human error and plant outages. As a result, Generators see a significant increase in employee wellbeing and plant performance whilst noticing key decreases in high impact alarms.

    From single-site startup generators, to multinational power houses

    Speak to our team about how NeuerEnergy can enable seamless integrations with your existing systems and systems to ensure maximised energy production, increased and simplified sales, reduced impact overhead, and better outcomes for you and your control room team.


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