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    Sustainable ​Smart City Solution


    Our Sustainable Smart City Solution delivers an integrated and balanced approach based on Sustainable Development Goals in combination with Environmental, Social and Governance guidelines to evaluate existing and new development projects in urban areas.


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    Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

    With almost two thirds of the world population projected to live in urban areas by 2030 (estimated 6.3 billion people), cities can face issues such as poverty, environmental degradation, poor air and water quality to name just a few. 

    This presents a significant opportunity for technology platforms to enable a balanced, top down approach between the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and existing metrics used by stakeholders when evaluating new projects, such as time, quality, cost and ROI. 

    We ensure efficacy using ontologies, frameworks and datasets

    The ontology and frameworks layer provides a balancedintertwined approach between SDGs and ESGs ensuring relevant objectives are pursued by all stakeholders, bringing transparency, clarity  and consensus in a very complex domain space. Efficacy management ensures sustainable ROI is achieved for all stakeholders.  Each stakeholder has a specific view into the system, which is aligned with their role in the project. 

    Digital Twin

    The digital twin layer, a component provided by our partner CityZenith, integrates real-time data from all key infrastructure components and allows stakeholders to visualise, simulate, predict and prescribe actions that will minimise operational risks from existing and new projects. 

    Built environment

    The Built environment is enhanced with IoT and relevant communication infrastructure to support real-time data feeds and controls. This allows the implementation of automated, real-time services which improve the quality of life for citizens while monitoring relevant objectives to ensure continuous alignment with SDGs.



    Reduce time to access finance and receive immediate feedback on SDG scoring so projects can be amended at the design stage, avoiding costly workarounds during the implementation phase. Clarity on projects qualification criteria.



    Must consider SDGs (incl. ESGs) outcomes management as importantly as yield and return on investment​. This in turn will reduce time to access quality projects which are 100% aligned with long term Environmental, Social and Governance objectives. 


    Development Authority

    Authorities are at the core of establishing cohesive and integrated approach and solutions for managing sustainable cities and districts. In effect, they can achieve a reduction in operational and reporting efforts as projects and contractors are managed under a single solution; shorter process to qualify projects and better measurement and verification of KPIs during project development and in-life stages.



    Citizen wellbeing and best interest are integral where technology platforms enable their voice to be heard and they can consume automated and digital services​. This is achieved through better quality of life, better jobs, better work and living environment, access to cheap sustainable energy and clean water, increased transparency on quality and relevance of development projects​.

    NeuerEnergy makes purchasing renewable energy a breeze

    Experience renewable energy acquisition that’s as simple as online shopping. NeuerEnergy offers you the choice and flexibility to help fight the global climate emergency with zero negative impact to your business.




    One harmonised place for a diverse PPA portfolio

    NeuerEnergy supports independent energy initiatives and new developing suppliers so they can compete with established providers. Our technology spreads the provision of your energy mix across a sustainable portfolio of energy suppliers, enabling you to achieve your carbon reduction goals. 

    Our automated PPA management supports harmonised purchasing processes – meaning multiple contracts are bundled, saving months of manual admin. 


    Performance Monitoring

    Performance Monitoring

    Demystify the impact of your renewables investment

    Our platform aggregates all performance data into one standardised and easy-to-understand dashboard. Gain true visibility over your renewable portfolio, helping you perform a comprehensive cost/benefit analysis to justify further investments.

    With real-time data ingestion from power plants, combined with our AI insights algorithms, there is no obscurity around the actual output of your energy sources. The horizon of your carbon neutral journey is always tracked in plain sight. 




    The flexibility to make the best decision now and into the future

    The NeuerEnergy platform provides the highest portability and flexibility. Our highly tailored AI-driven PPA features allow you to ‘port’ your existing energy contracts across to a new supplier during the term. The platform will do all the legwork to secure the new arrangement.

    Along with a commitment to transparency, your investments are protected by unmatched adaptability and risk management.




    A seamless ecosystem connecting corporate and industrial with energy generators

    NeuerEnergy is 100% cloud agnostic – offering your business the API accessibility to integrate with existing energy management systems, or BI platforms across all cloud providers. NeuerEnergy can pull in insight data from influential outside data sources to inform price data, trends, and perform detailed risk analysis.

    Pulling in synchronized data from all energy power generators to enable you real-time tracking on your carbon reduction goals, seasonal weather factors, and manage contracts and regional authorised body processes.


    Platform interconnection


    One use case of the Sustainable Smart Cities Platform allows target settings and deployment of citywide programs for the reduction of GHG emissions. Baseline setting is enabled by the IoT infrastructure and the digital twin enables accurate modelling based on contextual data. Plans to reduce emissions over specific time frames can be modelled based on deployment of RES and battery energy storage systems in a distributed manner to avoid grid constraints by ensuring proximity to significant demand clusters such as EV charging stations. Once best scenarios are identified, alignment with other SDGs is considered to ensure the overall impact of the project is maximised, e.g. job creation, use of sustainable materials, the involvement of local communities through the creation of community energy schemes which further reduce the cost of energy for residential users.





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    See how NeuerEnergy automates the roadmap for comparing and acquiring new renewable energy. With our fully aggregated marketplace, it is a simple process of two-way data integration.


    Explore how it works   

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